Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Package from the Czech Republic to Spain

Honza: Crisps

I have choosen crisps because I like crisps. I don't think crisps are typical food but I don't think crisps are unusual for Czech Republic , so therefore I am sending crisps.

Bára: Paper weight

I have chooen this thing, because glass industry is typical to the Czech Republic. The paper weight is engraved with the capital Prague and the famous Prague Castle.

Eliška: Spa biscuits

There are delicious spa biscuits. They are made in Mariánské lázně. Mariánské lázně is a Czech town with a famous spa, it is a place, where people go to cure themselves and to improve their health.I have chosen this present, because we have got a lot of spas in the Czech Republic.

Veronika and Lukáš: Bell

It´s a very nice bell with a picture of Frýdlant. It´s one of our city. It´s a beautiful city with a big castle. I hope you will like it.

Klára: Tourist stamps

Important places have got tourist stamps. Tourist stamps can be bought in any town, any trip around the Czech Republic. There are a lot of kinds of tourist stamps. I have chosen Liberec for you, because I live here and it's my hometown. In Liberec you can find several tourist stamps such as tourist stamps as Zoo, Ještěd ect. My family collects stamps from trips, and because we are very good tourists we have got many stamps of various castles, cities, ...I think tourist stamps are very beautiful memories for trips.

Ondra: Bobbin lace

Bobbin lace is typical for the Czech Republic.
Vamberk is a town in Orlické moutains.
Historians mention its lace firstly in year 1642.
Lace is used for clothing and at home.

Katka and Pavla: Orion

I am sending you chocolate because I love chocolate. Orion is a typical symbol of Czech chocolates. And so, therefore I am sending you chocolate.

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  1. Thank you very much for everything (especially for sweets)