Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easter Traditions in Poland

There were holidays in April in Poland. We would like to tell you something about them. Easter is very traditional holiday for us.
It is a happy and important event for all Christians, because of Jesus resurrection. 40 days before Easter there is a Lent to prepare our hearts and souls for the resurrection of Christ. The last days of Lent are called Paschal Triduum. All of us go to church on these special days. Maunday Thursday is the beginning of Paschal Triduum.

On Holy Thursday we commemorate the Last supper. Good Friday’s when Jesus was crucified. There is no singing in church. No instruments can be heard. We pray silently by the cross which is a symbol of Christ suffering. On that day we limit our food to one and two small meals and don’t eat any meat. The Holy Saturday is the day preceding the day of resurrection . In the morning the entire families go to church in order to bless food. We also go to church in the evening in order to participate in the Holy Mass. The priests bless water and fire. On Sunday Easter we participate in a very ceremonial mass early in the morning. It is the Resurrection Mass. After that the entire families sitt down at table and have special breakfast. We eat the food blessed by the prest in the church. After breakfast children get presents. We wish each other Happy Easter. In the afternoon we meet our friends and relatives. Before the Easter we have a lot of housework. We must clean our houses and flats and prepare food. But we like Easter so much!

The symbol of Easter is egg and Easter bunny. We also paint eggs prepare in many different patterns and colours. Eggs are the most important dish on our Easter table.

We prepare them in different ways . There are also: white sausage, żurek (tradition soup) and horserdish. On Monday People play a special games. Boys throw water over girls. In exchange they get a sweet. Another Easter game is hitting hard- boiled eggs against each other. The person whose egg doesn’t break is the winner. Next game is Egg hunt- eggs made of chocolate hidden in various place for children to find.

Obedient pole

We need: a piece of fabric, a pole, a glass, a piece of cork, a needle, a bottle

I put a needle into a piece of cork. The sharp end of the needle is outside of the cork. I put the cork in a neck of a bootle. I put a glass on the needle. I charge a pole by rubbing with a piece of fabric. I put the pole on the glass. I put my thumb close to the pole and make it move.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Electrostatics by Ondra

We need a plastic folder and small pieces of paper. Rub a piece of fabric with the plastic folder. Put the plastic folder above pieces of paper. The small pieces of paper are drawing up to the folder because the folder is charged and electrons and nucleons in the pieces of paper form dipoles.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Package from Czech Republic

Cypriot students enjoyed presents from Czech Republic. 

Thank you Czech Republic!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water don' falls

Materials you need. A glass, water, paper

Fill glass with water. Cover glass with the piece of paper. Hold the paper with hand ant turn glass with 180 degrees. Take your hand off the paper.

Water don't fall because air pressure push up the paper.

Customs and traditions of Easter