Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Packages from Cyprus

Packages from Cyprus to Czech Republic and to Spain.

Egg into Bottle

You will need: a glass bottle a boiled egg hot water

1. Peel the boiled egg
2. Pour hot water in a bottle for a while
3. Put the egg immediately on the top of the bottle
4. The egg goes through

When you pour warm water into the bottle, the air inside the bottle expands. The egg goes through because the air pressure around pushes the egg inside the bottle.

Hot Air

We need a candle and a pinwheel

We light the candle and we put the pinwheel above the candle. The fire from the candle warms the air. Hot air goes up and moves the blades of the pinwheel.

Air Expansion

Tools: a balloon, two glasses, hot and cold water

At first pour a glass of cold water and a glass of hot water. Put the balloon into the glasses. The balloon in the glass of hot water inflates. The balloon in the glass with cold water deflates. The balloon inflates in hot water because the motion of particles is accelerated due to the heat, and the particles scatter. The balloon deflates in cold water because the motion of particles is slowed down.

Package from Spain

Here you can see some things from Spain we send to our partners in Romania

to ours partners in Poland

and to ours partners in Czech Republic and Cyprus.

Ice cube and pillow

We will need:
a pillow
few ice cubes
2 glasses

I’ll take ice cubes and I put them into the glasses. Now, I’ll give the pillow on the first glass with ice cubes.
We have to wait for 2 minutes.
After 2 minutes we can see how the ice cubes under the pillow melt down as slowly as ice cubes without a pillow. Why? The pillow doesn't heat, pillow keeps a body temperature. So, the pillow can't heat up ice cubes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A glove that comes to life

To perform our experiment we need a latex glove, a plastic bottle and a water container.

We cut the bottle in 2 parts and then we fit the glove on the top of the bottle.
If we introduce the bottle in the container we can see that the glove is filled with air

The air trapped inside the bottle is pressed and the glove is filled when we introduce the bottle in the recipient.

This increasing of pressure depends on the amount of water that comes into the bottle.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Package from the Czech Republic to Spain

Honza: Crisps

I have choosen crisps because I like crisps. I don't think crisps are typical food but I don't think crisps are unusual for Czech Republic , so therefore I am sending crisps.

Bára: Paper weight

I have chooen this thing, because glass industry is typical to the Czech Republic. The paper weight is engraved with the capital Prague and the famous Prague Castle.

Eliška: Spa biscuits

There are delicious spa biscuits. They are made in Mariánské lázně. Mariánské lázně is a Czech town with a famous spa, it is a place, where people go to cure themselves and to improve their health.I have chosen this present, because we have got a lot of spas in the Czech Republic.

Veronika and Lukáš: Bell

It´s a very nice bell with a picture of Frýdlant. It´s one of our city. It´s a beautiful city with a big castle. I hope you will like it.

Klára: Tourist stamps

Important places have got tourist stamps. Tourist stamps can be bought in any town, any trip around the Czech Republic. There are a lot of kinds of tourist stamps. I have chosen Liberec for you, because I live here and it's my hometown. In Liberec you can find several tourist stamps such as tourist stamps as Zoo, Ještěd ect. My family collects stamps from trips, and because we are very good tourists we have got many stamps of various castles, cities, ...I think tourist stamps are very beautiful memories for trips.

Ondra: Bobbin lace

Bobbin lace is typical for the Czech Republic.
Vamberk is a town in Orlické moutains.
Historians mention its lace firstly in year 1642.
Lace is used for clothing and at home.

Katka and Pavla: Orion

I am sending you chocolate because I love chocolate. Orion is a typical symbol of Czech chocolates. And so, therefore I am sending you chocolate.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pick the coin without wet your hand.

The collapsing can

Fill a large bowl with cold water.
Add a tablespoon of water in the empty can. 
Heat the can until the water begins to boil.
Very quickly turn the can upside down into the bowl of cold water. 

Inflating a balloon with a vacuum pump.

Gluing glasses

Wet the kitchen paper with hot water.
Swish hot water around one glass and then lay the kitchen paper on it. 
Swish hot water around the other glass. 
Pour it out and place the second glass upside-down over the first.

Explosion of colour

In a plate put milk and add some drops of food colouring ( red, yellow, green, blue)
Put in a cotton swab a drop of liquid dish soap. 
Touch the cotton swab to the centre of the milk without stir it. 

Another one Fountain

The glass is upside down and the water ... is not coming out.

We fill the glass with water and cover it with the piece of carton.
Carefully we turn it upside down, holding at the beginning the carton.
We move our hand away. The water is not coming out.

Can you pick the coin without wetting your hand?

Fill the bottom of the plate with colored water.
Place the candle in the middle of the plate.
Light the candle.
Take the glass and place it over the lit candle.

Experiment from Elena and Victoria 

Fireproof Balloon

Fill a balloon with water and then blow to inflating it.  Light the candle and hold the balloon over the flame. The flame does not pop this balloon.

Balance the nails

Balance all the nails on the head of a nail.

Make a Fountain

Pour some water in the bottle. 
Heat the bottle until the water begins to boil
Close the bottle and quickly turn it upside down  into the bowl of colored water. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fireproof Balloon

I fill the balloon with water, I blow air in it and then hold it over the flame of the candle. 
The balloon does not burn. 

Balloon kebab

            Pick a sharp kebab stick and put on it oil. Carefully push it into the balloon near the neck. Then push it out of the balloon through the opposite the neck side.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ice hook

I will try to lift up the ice with a toothpick. You can see it does not work. So I sprinkle salt on the ice. I wait for 5 seconds. Now it works because salt lowers the temperature so the toothpick sticks in the ice.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making ice cream

First I pour cream on the bottom of a glass and add some vanilla sugar to it. Second I take a tiny cup, and I fill it with snow. Then I measure the temperature of the snow. I pour a lot of salt there, I mix the snowy mixture, and I measure the temperature again. The temperature is falling. When the temperature is around minus 12 degrees Celsius, I put the glass with cream and sugar into it. Third I stir the cream to make it smooth till it´s frozen, and I taste it.

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