Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bernoulli's effect

Experiments from Kasia & Asia
Useful staff:
- ping-pong ball
- high power hair dryer
Desription of the experiment:
we put outletof the dryer vertically so that it blows thw air upwards. Next we out the ballin the stream of thw air. Now, we can observe the behaviour of the ball which floas in the stream of air. This is called the Bernoulli's effect.
The stream of the air equals the earthpull of the ball. The pressure outside the stream of the air is bigger than the pressure inside of it. The experiment shows us the development offorces gragging the ball into the streamof air. According to the lawof Bernulli the outgoingair from the dryer's outlet decreases the static pressure in favour of the createddynamic pressure. It (the dynamic pressure)upholds the ball towards the direction of the outgoing air. Whereas the reduced static pressure holds the ball perpendicularly towardsit. The ball floats freely in the air.

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